Pennsylvania State Inspections in Grantville PA

pennsylvania state inspections

Pennsylvania drivers are no strangers to Pennsylvania state safety and emissions testing. Anyone who buys a used vehicle, or drives an older model vehicle, knows these inspections are mandatory and required to keep your vehicle legal and registered. So when the time comes and your car needs an inspection in Grantville, PA, why trust one of those quick inspection stations that can’t help you if your car fails? Instead, bring your vehicle to the experts you’ve trusted for years – DR Automotive. We also inspect motorcycles and medium duty trucks!

PA State Safety Inspection Grantville PA

If you buy a used vehicle in Pennsylvania, it is required to undergo a safety inspection within ten days of that vehicle being registered. This inspection is a basic check of most of your vehicle, from the tires to the mirrors to the windshield wipers. If your vehicle is found deficient, we can help with the repairs and get you re-tested in no time flat. Don’t trust those quickie inspection stations that can’t help if there is a problem. Bring your car to DR Automotive for its Pennsylvania state inspection in Grantville, PA.

Emissions Testing Grantville PA

If you drive an older model vehicle, your emission test comes every year like clockwork. During this test, we check to make sure your car isn’t releasing more harmful emissions than is allowed by law. We check your gas cap to make sure it seals properly, and we test your exhaust to make sure things are on the up and up. If for some reason your vehicle can’t pass the test, our expert technicians can assist with the needed repairs and get you back on track. Most often, cars fail this test because of a loose gas cap, and that is an easy fix. If you are due for an emission test in Grantville, PA, bring your car to us!

Safety & Emissions Testing Near Me

If your car, medium duty truck, or motorcycle needs an emissions test or a Pennsylvania safety inspection in Grantville, PA, your best bet is to trust the experts at DR Automotive. We will quickly perform the needed inspection and have you back on the road before you know it. Make an appointment or simply swing by our shop today, and we will show you what makes our auto repair shop the best in town!

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